1:1 Coaching

YOU were created with limitless potential

in order to bring good into the world.

I will help you

  • find your own answers.  
  • increase your self awareness
  • make decisions more easily 
  • increase your confidence and self knowledge
  • gain clarity on your personal and professional goals
  • achieve balance so that you are healthy in mind, body and spirit. 

The world needs your gifts and talents more than ever!


NOW is the time for you to live fully and bring your dreams to life.


You CAN gain the confidence, clarity and organization to live better. I can help you create the life that you were meant to live. We will do this as quickly as possible so that you can have all the tools you need to move forward into your future on your own.


Coaching Packages


This customized 6-week program is the perfect way to check in with yourself in deep way, assess how you are "doing" in major areas of your life, and give you the tools to improve in those areas.  It will empower you, increase your motivation and help you re-gain your balance.


One 75 minute session

* Five 60 minute (weekly) sessions

* Downloadable worksheets

* Email/Whatsapp support between sessions


Confidence, Balance, Tools for LIFE

$1750/3900ILS (including VAT) for Israel residents


Feeling stuck? In limbo? Not sure how to move forward?

This program will help you untangle what's holding you back in a safe, non-judgmental space so that you can see both the forest AND the trees, take stock of what IS working, and figure out how to change what ISN'T working. 


*One 75 minute session

*Five 60 minute sessions

*Customized worksheets and assignments to accelerate your growth


Clarity, direction, strategy

$1750/3900 ILS (including VAT) for Israel residents.

Coach Training

 Interested in doing what Dr Leah does?

Study with Dr Leah in the Jerusalem Coaching Institute Life Coach Certification Program.


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