1:1 Coaching

YOU were created with limitless potential in order to bring good into the world.

Are you living into your potential?


Whether you need help in your personal or professional life, coaching can help you move forward quickly, and the benefits will last forever.


When we work together I will help you

  • find your own answers.  
  • increase your self awareness
  • make decisions more easily 
  • increase your confidence and self knowledge
  • gain clarity on your personal and professional goals
  • achieve balance so that you are healthy in mind, body and spirit. 

The world needs your gifts and talents more than ever!


NOW is the time for you to live fully and bring your dreams to life.


I want to share the story of a recent coaching client whom I will call "Jill." (Not her real name.) 


Jill came to me for coaching after a year of being out of work.  She liked her former job but was laid off when Corona hit.


She has a degree in her field from a prestigious program in Israel.  It is one of those programs that is  hard to get into and even  harder to graduate!


When Jill came to me her confidence was shattered.  She had applied to several jobs in her field with no success. She had begun to doubt her talents so much that she was applying to jobs that were well below her qualifications, and she had been rejected for all of them.


This caused her to doubt her abilities and even her desire to go back to the career that she had once loved so much.  She was terrified because her unemployment benefits were about to expire and she needed to support herself.  


Jill shared with me that she was seriously thinking of leaving her profession and was exploring certification as a personal trainer as a back up plan.  She was depressed, anxious and worried about her future.


Jill reached out to me on the suggestion of her friend-a psychologist who had trained with me as a coach 8 years ago.


After the initial phone consultation we agreed on a package of sessions, set our first appointment and got to work.


Would you like to know the impact of those coaching sessions?


In only 5 weeks, Jill both looked and acted like a new person:


  • She had her confidence back
  • She got her dream job that both challenged her (she loves learning new things!) and renewed her love for her work.  
  • She left the two year relationship with a man who was emotionally abusive.


Jill has been in her new position for three months now and she is thriving.  She is healing from her breakup and looking forward to dating again.


I know that your life and challenges are not identical to Jill's but I DID want to share a success story with you to illustrate how powerful coaching can be.


You CAN gain the confidence, clarity and organization to live better. I can help you create the life that you were meant to live. We will do this as quickly as possible so that you can have all the tools you need to move forward into your future on your own.


Would you like to discuss working together?


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