Leah Gniwesch is a renowned Coach and Coach trainer who specializes in helping clients live into their full potential. Leah has a dynamic and warm personality, penetrating insight, and calm focused energy that help her coach her clients to success.

who is dr leah?

A renowned coach, coach trainer and workshop presenter, Dr Leah has dedicated her professional life to honing a coaching system that works quickly and effectively to empower every one of her clients.


Dr Leah's work is based on the "Potential Based Coaching" system that she studied in 2002 with Dr Harold Koning. Using this system Leah has helped individuals, couples and groups go from merely "surviving" to THRIVING.


Leah lives by her belief that "each and every one of us was born with limitless potential" and her sole aim is to help her clients live into that potential.


building a career

Leah's early career began with her training in Clinical Psychology. It was then that she trained in both psychodynamic, CBT and couples and family therapy and did ten years of research on depression, alcohol addiction and other subjects at Cornell University/New York hospital, Columbia Presbyterian Psychiatric Institute and Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


In 1998 Leah had a medical emergency that required hospitalization. After getting out of the hospital she went to recuperate at a spa on the coast of Southern Florida where she first met Dr Harold Koning.


The coaching sessions with Dr Koning at the spa changed her life and also introduced her to an entirely new way of working with people. She returned to NY to resume her life and career but the "seeds" had been planted.


In 2002 Leah finally had a chance to nurture those seeds when she traveled back to Florida to train with Dr Koning. After receiving her life coach certification with him she opened her private practice as a coach in Manhattan and then in 2005 moved her practice to Jerusalem. In 2006 she founded the Jerusalem Coaching Institute where she trains and certifies life coaches in the method she has been honing for close to two decades.


Leah brings all of her research experience and training to her work as a coach but feels strongly that coaching is a more ethical and effective way of working with almost every client. She has helped hundreds of clients in 6 continents achieve their goals-from feeling more self confident to curing themselves of depression and anxiety. Leah also loves working with "big ideas" clients to help them stay focused as they create their organizations, write their books and change the world.