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You are probably here because something doesn't feel quite right about how you are living your life.


Perhaps you are feeling stuck or like you are not living into your full potential...


You may be feeling unsure of yourself or lacking direction.


Perhaps you are feeling more sadness, anxiety or anger than you want to feel.


You also might be here because someone you know worked with me and is thriving and you want to thrive too!


If any of these describe you- you are in the right place!


I have helped hundreds of client like you live better for almost two decades.  In a short period of time you will move forward in the area(s) you are working on.


You will feel more confident, empowered and will have greater clarity.


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What people say after working with leah

"I've done A LOT in the world of personal development and training. Leah's life coaching course was rich and had a fantastic structure to it. She's an amazing coach, trainer, and friend, and I've learned a lot from here! If you're thinking of getting into the coaching world...I highly recommend Leah's course. It's delivered with love and professionalism!”

 Simcha Gluck

 Founder, FreshBiz

 Author, “The New Entrepreneurz”

 “Coaching helps me remember to nurture all parts of myself-not just my brain! It helps me stay grounded in the face of upset and has given me the tools to practice what I teach. Coaching gives me a place to process what is going on for me both personally and professionally while requiring me to continually take action towards my goals.”


 Jamie Trager Muney PhD

Founding Partner, Wealth Legacy Group

"Coaching has helped me understand myself and gain perspective. It makes me be a better parent and husband. Coaching has helped me improve my health and fitness (I lost 18 kilos!), helped me build my business and charge the fees that I want to charge, and has put me in control of my emotions."


 Eli Shine, MA

Owner, Catalyst Coaching

"I love working with you,. I’ve never had a doctor who has a clear goal of making you NOT need them anymore. You are extraordinary."



Zev Jacobs

 "Leah is great life coach and great speaker. She is an amazing speaker who knows how to get her message across and lift the spirit of the room."


 Nathalie Garson

Business Strategist

I first met with Leah several years ago to get help finishing my thesis which she helped me do in just 6 short sessions.



Dani Stieglitz


"She presents with clarity and has a wealth of knowledge to share"



Tanya Prochko

Director, Get Help Israel

Powerful coaching

1:1 Coaching

The greatest investment that you can make in your life is investing in YOURSELF. Let’s discuss how I can help you live bigger and better through 1:1 coaching. Click HERE to schedule a free discovery call with me.

Coach Training

Want to train with Dr Leah? Click HERE to check out upcoming programs at the Jerusalem Coaching Institute, founded by Dr Leah in 2006.

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